Reliability Study of ERTMS in Sweden

University essay from Lunds universitet/Trafik och väg

Abstract: Sweden is currently undergoing a transition phase to a new signalling system on its railway network. ATC-2 is the current point information system in use on the network. The system will gradually be replaced with ERTMS, which will become the standardised signalling system in the European Union (EU). During this period, the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) has been commissioned by the Swedish government to produce reports on the quality of delivery of the ERTMS system. This thesis presents a description of the technical structure of ETCS Level 2 and ATC-2. Further research into the signalling systems is done by conducting a reliability analysis, utilising Trafikverket’s service monitoring reports as a source of data on faults were reliability is affected. To further elaborate on this data, interviews with people working with ERTMS at Trafikverket, SJ and Infranord were conducted. Finally, the results are presented from the reliability analysis where faults with technical aspects of ETCS Level 2 that could cause problems for reliability are summarised. Previous studies on ERTMS are included in the discussion to strengthen the findings from the analysis. Since reliability studies like the one done in this thesis have not been published to a greater extend in either Sweden or other European countries, the report utilises studies on ERTMS where the findings in said studies could have an effect on reliability for ERTMS.

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