Study of Magnetic Nanostructures using Micromagnetic Simulations and Monte Carlo Methods

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Materialfysik; Uppsala universitet/Materialfysik; Uppsala universitet/Materialfysik


We perform micromagnetic simulations in MuMax3 on various magneticnanostructures to study their magnetic state and response to external fields. Theinteraction and ordering of nanomagnetic arrays is investigated by calculating themagnetostatic energies for various configurations. These energies are then used inMonte Carlo simulation to study the thermal behaviour of systems of nanomagneticarrays. We find that the magnetic state of the nanostructures are related to theirshape and size and furthermore affect the emergent properties of the system, givingrise to temperature dependent ordering among the individual structures. Results fromboth micromagnetic and statistical mechanic simulations agree well with availableexperimental data, although the Monte Carlo algorithm encounter problems at lowsimulation temperatures.

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