Evolution of Version Control Systems - Comparing CENTRALIZED against DISTRIBUTED Version Control models

University essay from IT-universitetet i Göteborg/Tillämpad informationsteknologi

Abstract: A lot more projects are using a Distributed Version Control System (DVCS) for handling of sourcecode and documentation nowadays. The reasons are many, but what’s lacking is more support fromcompanies to utilize the power of this model. In this paper I take a look at open source hosting sites,blogs and articles to find a reason as to why this model is becoming so increasingly more popularin contrast to its competitor, the Centralized Version Control System (CVCS). In doing so I try tocast light on the question whether it’s possible for the distributed model to win ground against thecentralized model and in that way become the future standard of version control systems (VCSs).What I found was that the distributed model is a better choice in contrast to the centralized modelwhen it comes to working and is increasing in popularity, and that by converging these two modelsit would enable for more productive work in projects altogether.

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