Production development with the future in sighta green field study at Sandvik SRP

University essay from Lunds universitet/Produktionsekonomi

Abstract: Background: Sandvik is in the middle of a great investment, the so called Green Field investment, which will imply a new factory for parts of their stone crush production. The facility is, at current situation, in engineering phase and the preparations are in focus and running at high speed. Purpose: The aim of this master thesis and final course in the education is to give an insight and valuable experience from the industry. It will also be a preparation of independent work and the first introduction as an engineer within the company world. Problem definition: The project should with Green Field in focus, deliver an estimated need of inventory area and evaluate the planning of Parts production. This in aim of finding areas of improvements both related to system and culture. Method: This is a study with several different sub-studies which implies that different method has been used. Literature studies, multiple interviews, benchmarking and calculations has been a profound work throughout the project. Conclusion: In mission to cope with future changes and challenges that will arise in time for Green Field, Parts is recommended to develop their knowledge and competence within the resources that they have. During this project several areas of improvements are found, most of them can be derived to “soft parameters” such as communication and routines and just a few are derived to “hard parameters” such as system related, e.g. within planning and control systems.

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