Old Methods, New Means: Persuasive Technology in a Social Platform

University essay from Lunds universitet/Institutionen för informatik

Abstract: Persuasive Technology, technology that is designed to change users’ attitudes or behaviors, has been exercised for a long time. Designing a technology that can change users’ attitudes or behaviors is a process that needs to be carefully thought through. Captology makes this process easier by defining the most important factors that technology needs to contain in order to be classified as Persuasive Technology. Echo It is the object of study, which is used as a particular example to test our theories. The most significant theory is a framework called “the Functional Triad”, a framework which is helping developers to identify what role a technology plays. Being aware of the role is important. However, for a technology to fully persuade its users, it is also important that it contains accurate information and has an appearance that attracts users. The purpose of this thesis is to establish guidelines for how Persuasive Technology should be designed in order to reach the target goal of helping users to change a behavior. The knowledge contribution is the guidelines which can be used by designers and developers and help them design and evaluate Persuasive Technology.

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