Information structure in modern Hebrew

University essay from Lunds universitet/Allmän språkvetenskap

Author: Robert Nilsson; [2013]

Keywords: Languages and Literatures;

Abstract: This paper will examine information structure used in Modern Hebrew, a Semitic language spoken in Israel. More specifically, the study will look into the methods used by Modern Hebrew native speakers to differentiate between old (active) information and new information in spontaneous speech. The study will offer new insights to different constructions of information structure, relating to active and new information and the use of definite or finite forms, in the spontaneous speech of Modern Hebrew, as well as general insights into narrative discourse and information structure. The study conducted in this paper further proves existing theories about information structure and reasoning behind constructions used by speakers of different languages. Further this paper relates the analysis of the specific strategies applied by Modern Hebrew native speakers to construct a narrative to convey information in a desired way and gives some indication of the method used.

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