Exploring the Encounter of ContinuousDeployment and the Financial Industry

University essay from KTH/Organisation och ledning; KTH/Organisation och ledning


The digitisation of the financial markets has led to IT becoming a vitalpart of financial institutions. The principles and practices of ContinuousDeployment (CD) are utilised to increase innovation through flexibilityand swiftness at many IT companies. This thesis explores the encounterof CD and the financial industry through participant observations andsemi-structured interviews with developers.We find in our study that practitioners in the financial industry usepractices that are part of a CD process. The specialisation of the systemsthat is evident in the industry could be considered a barrier for theadoption of a CD process. However, improved transparency that maycome as a result of CD is well aligned with the demands that are evidentin the industry. Furthermore, the requirement for code reviews mightimpact the ability to attain a continuous process, as it must be a manual.

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