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  1. 1. Challenges for Building Peace in Syria post-2011 Conflict : Evaluation as Research and Monitoring in Conflict Zones

    University essay from Uppsala universitet/Teologiska institutionen

    Author : Imad Alhajj; [2021]
    Keywords : ;

    Abstract : This research is the product of a qualitative research design in the field of Peace and Conflict Studies Research. The design of this study is Evaluation as Research and Monitoring of the Theory and Practice of Research in Conflict Zones. Syria as a multiple case study post-2011 conflict. READ MORE

  2. 2. Why Peace Where War Prevails? : Comparing Puntland and Somaliland

    University essay from Umeå universitet/Statsvetenskapliga institutionen

    Author : Mattias Öberg; [2020]
    Keywords : Zones of peace; sanctuary; civil wars; causes of peace; Somaliland; Puntland;

    Abstract : For long the discipline of peace studies have investigated causes of war, rather than causes of peace, in an African context. In the northern peripheries of Somalia, a nation ravaged by civil war and conflict, two apparent peace zones have emerged following the complete state collapse of 1991: Somaliland and Puntland. READ MORE

  3. 3. To fight with words instead of guns: Reincorporation, subjection and political agency in the case of women ex-combatants of the Farc-EP

    University essay from Lunds universitet/Graduate School; Lunds universitet/Master of Science in Development Studies; Lunds universitet/Master of Science in Social Studies of Gender

    Author : Lisa Stalder; [2020]
    Keywords : Women ex-combatants; reincorporation; political agency; DDR; Farc-EP; Colombia; peace process; Social Sciences;

    Abstract : This thesis investigates the social position and political agency of women excombatants of the Farc-EP who laid down their arms after the 2016 peace agreement between the Colombian government and the Farc-EP. I show how, through the laying down of arms and reincorporation, women ex-combatants come to occupy a specific social position under historical and global power relations and intersecting forms of social inequality. READ MORE

  4. 4. War, Peace and Ideologies : Approaching peace in war through Democratic Confederalism and the war in Rojava

    University essay from Umeå universitet/Statsvetenskapliga institutionen

    Author : Anders Nordhag; [2019]
    Keywords : peace in war; critical peacebuilding; liberal peacebuilding; Rojava; Syria; zones of peace; islands of peace; ideology; Öcalan;

    Abstract : Traditionally, war and peace have been approached as incompatible entities; where war and violence are present, peace has been assumed to be absent. Recent studies of peace in conflict have started to undermine this assumption, since expressions of peace and attempts at building peace have been found among individuals and communities entangled in violent conflicts. READ MORE

  5. 5. Going Forward by Looking Back : How returning to traditional peace-making can increase legitimacy through the peace-making process

    University essay from Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för freds- och konfliktforskning

    Author : Sandra Fors Magnström; [2019]
    Keywords : Traditional peace-making; Somalia;

    Abstract : Liberal peace-making may not always be the best way to ensure peace in conflicting societies. Academia have always tended to only look to Western peace-making processes which have made policy limited in the cultural understanding of societies way of functioning, trying to implement what may work in "Western" but not necessarily the host countries' context. READ MORE