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  1. 1. Exploration of virtual incubators and development of incubator services for digital entrepreneurship : Receiving Entrepreneurial support from anywhere in the world?

    University essay from Uppsala universitet/Industriell teknik; Uppsala universitet/Industriell teknik

    Author : Oscar Mörke; Karl-Philip Michael Swensson; [2020]
    Keywords : Business Incubator; Virtual Incubator; Entrepreneurial Support; Digital Entrepreneurship; Startup; Inkubator; virtuell inkubator; företagarstöd; entreprenörskap; digitalt entreprenörskap;

    Abstract : Entrepreneurship is frequently linked together with aspects of economic growth and development. In the last 40 years, an increasing number of incubators and service providers have been created to stimulate entrepreneurship and innovation. READ MORE

  2. 2. Spatial Appropri-Action : Tactics for the post-industrial designer

    University essay from Linnéuniversitetet/Institutionen för design (DE)

    Author : Karen Cort Nielsen; [2020]
    Keywords : Skateboarding; spatial appropriation; architecture; post-industrial design; tactics; public space; imagination;

    Abstract : This is a project that asks questions. Why are we behaving in certain ways? Why are we using objects for a certain purpose and not others? Why can’t we do it differently? Questions most of us never even consider because we have gotten so used to following the path that is predetermined for us. READ MORE

  3. 3. Exporting Privacy – A Study on the Extraterritorial Application of the European Convention on Human Rights to Foreign Mass Surveillance

    University essay from Lunds universitet/Juridiska institutionen; Lunds universitet/Juridiska fakulteten

    Author : Erica Wide; [2020]
    Keywords : european convention on human rights; extraterritorial application; foreign surveillance; jurisdiction; public international law; Law and Political Science;

    Abstract : Staters användning av utländsk massövervakning är idag öppet diskuterat och ofta reglerat i lag. Europeiska domstolen för de mänskliga rättigheterna (Europadomstolen) har fastställt att massövervakning utan tillräckliga säkerhetsgarantier kan innebära en kränkning av individers rätt till privatliv enligt artikel 8 Europeiska konventionen om skydd för de mänskliga rättigheterna (EKMR). READ MORE

  4. 4. How European Welfare States perpetuate the Growth Imperative - And why Alternatives are needed

    University essay from Lunds universitet/Europastudier

    Author : Kristy Louise Rhades; [2020]
    Keywords : European welfare states; European thought paradigms; economic growth; climate emergency; European Green Deal; Euopean Studies; Languages and Literatures;

    Abstract : In industrial circles, in political parties, and in newspapers, there is seldom one reiterating issue that concerns the general public more than the situation of a national economy, as well as how to secure or to undo the practice of it. What is arguably one of the core principals of modern cultures, especially in European societies, not just being a nuclear unit in a bigger economy, but enacting and reenacting the social construct of a normative system a political state economy offers, is strangely overlooked by the majority. READ MORE

  5. 5. “A ROOM FOR OUR OWN”. Queer memories and feelings in the archival practices of Queerrörelsens Arkiv och Bibliotek (Archive and Library of the Queer Movement) in Gothenburg/Sweden

    University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för kulturvetenskaper

    Author : Camila Borges Freitas; [2019-07-08]
    Keywords : Archive; Queer Theory; Memory; Queer Counterarchive;

    Abstract : This thesis departs from the case study of the Queerrörelsens Arkiv och Bibliotek (QRAB) [In English: Archive and Library of the Queer Movement], located in Gothenburg/Sweden, to discuss how queer memories and feelings are embedded in queer archives. It focuses in some of QRAB’s practices, such as: the structure and organization of the archive, the membership, the processes of collection and cataloguing of materials, the external activities, and the relationship with the public and other organizations. READ MORE