In process cleaning of open devices during assembly

University essay from Lunds universitet/Avdelningen för Biomedicinsk teknik

Abstract: This is a master thesis about how to be able to clean an open device during assembly for the company of McNeil AB. McNeil AB is a company in Helsingborg, Sweden, producing the Nicorette brand, which is a nicotine based product line which helps people stop smoking. McNeil AB's problem was that they had some contamination in their mouth spray product and thus a solution for the cleaning of a vial in process of production was requested. The production line in question handles both mouth spray and nasal spray and the solution was _rst thought for the mouth spray. At a later time it was implemented for both mouth spray and nasal spray but the main priority was still for the mouth spray. The master thesis explains how the solution developed through an inquiry to the Johnson & Johnson Engineering Network and the use of the trial and error method with a test setup. In the beginning the test setup was made of a vacuum outlet and rubber pipes. Later on it was possible to develop the test setup with better equipment such as using both vacuum and pressurized air, better connections, better pipes and a specially made dual pipe designed by the authors. With this it got better results and became more accurate to the _nal solution. As the test setup and solution was developed an understanding for which components that were needed for the solution. Since the space is very limited at the production line a rough 3D-model was made to be able to know what kind of area limitations there are when installing the solution. Interviews with the operators at the production line were also made to get information about how they worked in that limited space at the _lling line. As there was little or no space to be able to place the solution a bending joint was thought for it, so that the operators could be able to handle the solution easily and work around it. Very close to the end there was enough time to build the prototype but not to implement it in the production line. The most vital components have been tested with the prototype and are working with good results.

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