Differential Millimetre Wave On-Chip Inductors

University essay from Lunds universitet/Institutionen för elektro- och informationsteknik

Abstract: The increasingly interconnected world requires systems that support high data rates, and thus the development of mm-wave systems is necessary. Automotive collision radar (80 GHz) or WLANs (60 GHz) are one of the applications that led the increment of the demand in RFICs, in which monolithic devices are fundamental, such as on-chip inductors or transformers. Along this thesis, the design and modelling of single and differential inductors, as well as transformers, are carried out following a bottom-to-top structure. Electromagnetic Momentum μW ADS simulations characterize the inductors and transmission line-based lumped- element equivalent models of the inductors and transformers are also defined. The exploration of the design of inductors in the custom-made technology available in the Nanoelectronics Group Student Design Library of Lund University is the main goal of the thesis. A close agreement between model and component is achieved, just as the design of inductors and transformers that can work over the desired band using the presented technology.

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