Making use of automation: Designing a performance driven marketing tool for Smart video

University essay from Umeå universitet/Institutionen för datavetenskap

Author: Simon Ekdahl; [2018]

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Abstract: Online advertising is a multi billion dollar industry used by marketers all over the world. Online advertising methods enable merchants a way to deliver information that is targeted to those consumers who potentially would value the information the most and are most likely to act on it. This can be done by using data collected from people through search history, social media profiles and other services when distributing personalized ads that fit peoples corresponding profiles. With a greater amount of options available for ad targeting and more detailed statistics about online ad performance than ever before, the workload for marketers is constantly increasing. This is where automation can be of major assistance. This thesis explores how different Levels Of Automation can be used in online marketing to assist marketers in the process of creating and following upon ad campaigns. The iterative user experience design process have been used to develop a design proposal of a performance driven marketing tool for the Smart video platform. First a research study was conducted in order to gather information about online advertising and automation in interface design. The result from the research was then analyzed and a lo-fi prototype was constructed. The prototype was continuously tested and evaluated in order to improve the design. Finally a hi-fi prototype of the marketing tool was implemented and usability tested. The design proposal illustrates how automation can be used to propose or automatically select a market strategy (that is based on previous ad performance data) for online advertisements. The design proposal uses colors to indicate what level of automation the system is working on. The results from the usability testing, with support from previous studies indicates that information and feedback are two of the most important aspects to consider when designing for automation.

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