Fear of Crime- Among Business Representatives and how it is Affected Through the Security Measures of the Business

University essay from Malmö högskola/Fakulteten för hälsa och samhälle (HS)

Abstract: This study examines how fear of crime is altered in regards to crime-preventive strategies and programs among individuals within businesses. The study also investigates whether perceived risk, previous victimization, and demographics influence the individuals within the businesses fear of crime against their businesses. Based on a theoretical discussion derived from the Vulnerability Perspective, Indirect and Direct Experience with Crime, Ecological Perspective, and the Situational Crime Prevention perspective, this study assesses how individuals within businesses fear of crime affects the business crime-preventive strategies and programs, and vice versa. Qualitative semi-structured interviews were conducted with high level participants and business owners from different industries. It is concluded that the general fear of crime among the interviewees businesses are considered as none, or very low. Most security measures in regards to these types of crimes are used because of standards, rather than influenced by fear. However, some security measured have had been established and altered because of previous victimization. The most fear inducing crimes among the interviewees were those types of crimes which involved intoxicated offenders, where violent outcomes with regards to the employees were considered to be high. Only the high risk businesses representatives had this type of fear, because of prior direct victimization. In some regards, the security measures used by the businesses provide the business representatives with the feeling of being in control, which causes the levels of fear of crime to be low. Another reason for the low level of fears among the business representatives is that the crimes committed towards their organizations are not seen as a personal victimization; instead it is regarded to be frustrating, as it causes economic damages and more work. It also appears that the more vulnerable the business is to become victimized by crime, the more security measures are applied.

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