Corporate Strategy & Capital Structure : An analysis of their relationship within SMEs inthe Swedish manufacturing industry

University essay from KTH/Industriell ekonomi och organisation (Inst.)

Abstract: A company's need for an effective and suitable corporate strategy is higher than ever due tofierce and increasing competition in the current business landscape. In order for companies tofinance their chosen corporate strategy, as for instance conduct investments for growth, theyneed proper funding. Moreover, the capital structure defines and outlines a company’s availablemix of debt and equity. Financial theories and studies further conclude that it is paramount forcompanies to understand the relationship between the corporate strategy and the capital structurein order to remain competitive. However, the current amount of empirical studies that have beenconducted in this area is very limited. Therefore, this study has analysed and examined therelationship between the corporate strategy and the capital structure for small and medium-sizedenterprises (SMEs) in the Swedish manufacturing industry. Indeed, the purpose of the study is toexamine this relationship. The study has been executed by conducting five case studies where five different SMEs in theSwedish manufacturing industry have been analysed. The companies represent both familyownership as well as ownerships via external investors. The five case studies consisted of semistructuredinterviews with the CEO of each firm. A questionnaire was also provided to the fiverespondents, which enhanced the possibility to benchmark the results from the companies. The results of the study indicate that the relationship between the corporate strategy and thecapital structure differs depending on a company’s type of ownership. In conclusion, forexternally owned companies (e.g. owned by private equity companies), the corporate strategytends to drive the choice of capital structure. On the other hand, for companies owned by thefounding families, the relationship seems to be inverted where the capital structure rather drivesthe choice of corporate strategy.

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