Analysing Intranet Search Satisfaction and Findability. A Quantitative Study of Changes in Perception of Organisational Search Satisfaction and Intranet Findability

University essay from IT-universitetet i Göteborg/Tillämpad informationsteknologi

Abstract: Aside from the fact that intra-organisational networks are centralised platforms and that informationpublishing is limited to selected employees, organisations find search satisfaction and findability tohave reached an average level. As the purchase, development and the implementation of a searchtool is an expensive investment for an organisation which strives to improve the organisationalsearch satisfaction and intranet findability, improvement is desired. However, only a small amount ofresearch has been done in the subject of intranets and academia appears to be more concerned withthe public web rather than the intranets. This study has attempted to fill this void, by analysing howfactors, correlated with organisational search satisfaction and intranet findability, vary over the timeframe of three years. In this study we have analysed data provided by a company specialised insearch solutions. The data were collected over three years in the form of annual surveys. Analysingthis data we have formulated our research question to how specific factors impact the perceivedorganisational search satisfaction and intranet findability and how the impact changes over time. Bylimiting the research to the perception of search managers, a term including all roles who are incharge of maintaining the intranet search applications, this study was adapted to an organisationallevel. This means that the respondents in the surveys used in this study are not end-users but themanager of the search applications. In our conclusions, we present the number of employees, theuse of taxonomy and key performance indicators as the three principal factors which create the mostsignificant impact on organisational search satisfaction and intranet findability as well as howsatisfaction and findability have varied over time.

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