Wavefunction and spectral properties of single-particle emitters

University essay from Lunds universitet/Fysiska institutionen

Author: Elina Locane; [2013]

Keywords: Physics and Astronomy;

Abstract: The past six years have seen the development of fast and accurate single-particle sources, with possible applications in metrology, nanoelectronics, quantum information processing, and single-electron quantum optics. These mesoscopic devices also enable us to gain more insight into the quantum mechanics of interacting fermions. In the present work, we study the energy spectrum of the emitted state from a single-particle source. The model we employ for such a system is a single-level quantum dot with a time-dependent energy level coupled to a non-interacting single-mode lead via a time-dependent tunneling barrier. We use the Floquet scattering approach to obtain an analytic expression for the emitted electron amplitudes as well as the non-equilibrium Green's functions formalism for calculating the average occupation number in the lead. We also show that in the limit when the effect of the Fermi sea can be neglected, these results agree with the single-particle solution to the Schr\"{o}dinger equation.

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