Analysing car-sharing and variations between practices within the mobility nexus in Gothenburg

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Graduate School

Abstract: Previous studies have shown that access-based consumption is becoming more popular amongst consumers. However, data suggests that still a small proportion of consumer are taking advantage of car-sharing services. In recent years, several studies have examined car-sharing through the lens of practice theory, however the phenomena have not been explored in relation to shared elements intersecting with associated practices and establishing variations between practices. This study examined car-sharing in connection with its related practices (residing, shopping/errands, commute and leisure) and identified overlaps of shared elements in various forms and combinations, as well as analysed various understanding from the practitioner’s standpoint and varying strength of links between practices. Results indicated that shopping/running errands and residing are closely connected with car-sharing, making their performance with car-sharing seamless. In contrast, commuting and leisure practices are not well connected with car-sharing making them inconvenient and problematic for practitioner to perform in combination with car-sharing. The use of practice theory and variations analysis approach allowed to pinpoint how car-sharing needs to be improved to better connect with its related practices.

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