Offshore Outsourcing Practices of United Kingdom Engineering Services Companies : Focused on Oil and Gas Sector

University essay from Blekinge Tekniska Högskola/Sektionen för management


This investigate an important options of cost reductions, offshore outsourcing is found interesting, these days phenomenon of economic downturn, decreasing oil prices and credit crunch cause intense competition so this study is an attempt to understand factors that what are the driving forces for offshore outsourcing in engineering services industry. This project studies the factors of offshore outsourcing practices of engineering services companies in the UK. The scope of study limited to industrial engineering services primarily in oil and gas industry, so this project is also aimed to understand offshore outsourcing practices of UK engineering services sector. The purpose of research is to review the available literature on offshore outsourcing and understand offshore outsourcing situations. This research will focus on knowledge in these fields. The discussions on finding would be focus on why “company” needs offshore outsourcing and “how” different factors help engineering services companies to take offshore outsourcing decisions

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