Shopper Mode- Shopper Marketing from a shopper perspective

University essay from Lunds universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Abstract: Title: Shopper Mode - Shopper marketing from a shopper perspective Date of the Seminar: Lund, 2012-05-30 Course: BUSN29. Master thesis Authors: Charlotte Borgeke Nilsson & Caroline Lundström Ek Advisor: Karin Alm Keywords: Shopper Marketing, shopper perspective, shopper mode, Swedish pharmacy market, Apoteket Hjärtat The thesis purpose: The purpose of this research is to contribute to a greater understanding and new knowledge in the conceptual area of Shopper marketing from a shopper's perspective Today, there is not much available research of the shoppers’ perspective of Shopper marketing. By accessing insights from the shopper's point of view of the retail situation this knowledge can be used when developing strategies for how to get shoppers to turn to more positive perceptions and an increased shopper experience. Methodology: This research is designed in two steps where we firstly want to explore the shopping situation at the Swedish pharmacy market. Through a quantitative interview session of 100 persons inside the case company’s facilities. The second session is based on 10 qualitative research interviews were we strive to fully understand the shopper and to create shopper insights which are important to highlight as they contribute to the answer of the research question. This dual approach makes us chose an abductive course of action in the processing of the research findings and theory frame. Theoretical perspective: The main theories that are used in Shopper Mode are shopper marketing theories and retail marketing theories. Empirical data: The empirical data is gathered through 100 shorter interviews and 10 in depth interviews; with this we have reached both a width and depth in the insights of the shopping situation. Apoteket Hjärtat is used as a case company for the study Conclusion: We can conclude that that Alexander’s (2008) different shopping categories can be used as interpreter of the retail situation within Shopper marketing Strategies. This together with the visualization of the 360° approach of the shopper can be useful in extern marketing strategies. It can also be useful in intern marketing as a pedagogic tool to visualize the picture of the most valuable shopper to the staff in a business organization. By this a clearer and more consistent message from the business/ brand/ shop will most likely be experienced by the shopper. We also can conclude that Shopper marketing can be seen as a new dialect of already existing marketing approaches. However, dialects do affect us and the way we say things can often affect the result. In this view Shopper marketing can be thought of as a new tool in the tool box or a new color in the crayon box. Thus, Shopper marketing is promoted and branded as a whole new knowledge but we see it more as old wine in a new bottle, and just like with other new things it arouse our curiosity.

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