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  1. 1. An Errors Analysis of Grammatical Errors in The Written Productions of Swedish Students in a Vocational High School

    University essay from Göteborgs universitet / / Institutionen för sociologi och arbetsvetenskap

    Author : Maryam Nezamabadi; [2023-02-01]
    Keywords : Error analysis; Verb errors; Common grammatical errors; English written productions; Grammar teaching; Second language learning; Errors based on word class categories;

    Abstract : As an approach to spotting and analyzing students' errors, error analysis provides information that gives us a better understanding of students' knowledge of second language grammar, so we can offer them more effective teaching. This study is an error analysis that investigates the most common grammatical errors focusing on verbs, prepositions, articles, and pronouns in English writings produced by first-year high-school students at a vocational school in southern Sweden. READ MORE

  2. 2. Using Literature as a Teaching Medium in English Classes in Sweden  

    University essay from Malmö universitet/Fakulteten för lärande och samhälle (LS)

    Author : Lamar Aziz; [2021]
    Keywords : teaching fiction; language development; critical thinking; social and cultural awareness; English curriculum for secondary school.; Att undervisa skönlitteratur; språkutveckling; kritiskt tänkande; social och kulturell medvetenhet;

    Abstract : There is a great tendency in using literature as a medium of language teaching because literature plays an essential role in developing the students’ language skills. It also helps them in acquiring cultural experiences and to attain a better understanding of the literary texts. READ MORE

  3. 3. English Teachers And Their Understanding Of Critical Thinking : A study on the perception, knowledge, and experiences of critical thinking among EFL teachers in Swedish upper secondary education

    University essay from Mälardalens högskola/Akademin för utbildning, kultur och kommunikation

    Author : Natalie Carrasco; [2021]
    Keywords : Critical thinking; Instructional practices; Upper secondary education; EFL teachers; English language skills; Interviews;

    Abstract : In accordance with the governing documents of the Swedish upper secondary school, critical thinking must be promoted in all subjects. A great responsibility rests on the teachers to include this in their teaching. READ MORE

  4. 4. Assessing oral proficiency in the EFL classroom : A qualitative study of teachers' understanding, experience, and assessment of oral production, and interaction in Swedish upper secondary schools

    University essay from Linnéuniversitetet/Institutionen för språk (SPR)

    Author : Eva Smit; [2020]
    Keywords : Assessment of oral proficiency; communicative competence; EFL teaching; foreign language speaking anxiety; oral interaction; oral production; oral proficiency.;

    Abstract : Oral proficiency plays a crucial part in mastering the English language. It is, because of that, heavily debated among professors and teachers. Among teachers, uncertainty prevails regarding how oral proficiency should be taught and assessed. READ MORE

  5. 5. English in mathematics : Swedish EFL students’ and teachers’ experiences with learning and teaching mathematics in English

    University essay from Mälardalens högskola/Akademin för utbildning, kultur och kommunikation

    Author : Heba Dhia Peter; [2020]
    Keywords : EFL; English; mathematics; upper secondary school; mathematical word problems; EMI;

    Abstract : This study is intended to explore what difficulties students and teachers in international and IB programs in Sweden encounter when they learn and teach mathematics in English. Students enrolled in these programs tend to have English as a second or foreign language, and their being taught mathematics in a language that is not their native language might limit their understanding and the possibility to communicate and express themselves in the subject. READ MORE