The Efficiency of Off-peak Deliveries in Stockholm City.

University essay from KTH/Transportvetenskap

Author: Zhuoran Li; [2015]

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Delivery traffic constitutes an important part of road traffic in Stockholm

and the transport efficiency is low due to congestion. Off Peak project ongoing

in Stockholm seeks the potential for commercial traffic to make use

of more hours of a day: the late evening and the early morning, from 18:30

to 6:00. The aim of this thesis is to evaluate the transport efficiency of offpeak

deliveries in terms of travel time, average velocity, fuel consumption,

service speed and the reliability of arrival time; and to estimate how much

travel time can be saved by off-peak deliveries compared with daytime

deliveries. The transport performance of the off-peak deliveries is analyzed

with GPS data, fleet management data and logistics data. The general

traffic conditions on the relevant routes during different hours of a day are

investigated with ANPR camera data, microwave sensor data and probe

vehicle data from the taxis. It is estimated that a truck delivering in offpeak

hours can save more than 21% of the travel time both in the inner city

and on the highway. Obvious morning and evening peaks were found in the

variances of the mean travel times on relevant routes. The results suggest

that the delivery truck shifted to off-peak hours can achieve higher travel

speed, reduced travel time and more reliable arrival time.

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