BODY(dress?)SPACE(room?) : an exploration of dress at the intersection between body and arranged space through movement

University essay from Högskolan i Borås/Akademin för textil, teknik och ekonomi

Author: Linnéa Bågander; [2015]

Keywords: Body; space; design; costume; architecture; fashion;


This work is an exploration of the spatial boundaries of dress through the moving body’s interaction with arranged space. The work aims to question the distinction that is done between a “garment” and a “room” in the context of set deign and costume design as well as “dress” and “architecture”. The work is carried out through a series of staged experiments with different materials abilities to understand, extend or transform; - Movement of the body - The spatial boundaries of the body The work is a focusing on the similarities of set and costume design and garment and architecture rather than looking up on the differences and by doing so suggesting a more dynamic relationship between the traditional definitions. It challenges both the way dress is viewed upon within the context of fashion design as well as the room is viewed upon with in the context of architecture and through this is seeking to find a new context of the body. Because of its focus on the moving body’s relationship with arranged material the work is closely linked to the field of dance performance and the field of preformance have served as dialogue when developing the work. Eventhough the work is of artistic nature it is in line with the resent developments within architecture as well as textile design questioning the contemporary and suggesting for the future.

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