Hjärtfrekvens och kortisolkoncentration hos valpar under olika typer av valptest

University essay from SLU/Dept. of Animal Environment and Health

Author: Maria Ericsson; [2006]

Keywords: hjärtfrekvens; kortisol; valp; valpar; valptest;

Abstract: The aim of this study was to find possible relations between behaviour and physiology for puppies during different parts of a puppy test. This work deals mainly with the physiological part of the study. Thirtysix puppies, från five litters, were tested in a behaviour test where heart rate was measured and saliva samples were collected before and after each part in the test. Saliva and urine samples were analyzed for corisol concentration as an indicatior of stress. The tests were performed during two consecutive days in the breeders' home when the puppies were seven weeks old. In addition, heart rate and cortisol levels were also measured in the bitch since we were interested in finding out if there were any relations between physiological levels in bitches and puppies. No clear relations in physiological levels between the bitch and her litter were found. However, there were differences in cortisol concentrations in saliva in both bitches and puppies, and heart rate increased significantly in the puppies in several of the test situation indicating a physiological response to the tests. In conclusion, it is obvious that the puppies were affected by the tests both behaviorally and physiologically. However it would have been interesting to repeat the study with blood sampling or with a better saliva sampling technique.

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