Sustainable tourism in the Philippines : a design proposal for Watercolors Resort

University essay from SLU/Dept. Of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management

Abstract: Reaching sustainable development is one of the major policy debates of our generation. There is a concern about the extended use of the Earths's natural resources and its relationship to economic growth. Significant questions are raised about the likelyhood of natural resource management through mechanisms such as tourism. ('Sustainable Tourism - A geographical perspective'1998) When tourism is at its best, it's an enriching experience for the tourist as well as it's providing the host community employment, income, preservation of heritage and other benefits. But if the site is badly planned or managed it can be a disaster for both the visitor, the place and the local community. ('Tourism Planning: Basics, Concepts, Cases' 1994) This is a project about designing a sustainable tourist environment on a small island in the Philippines. By carrying out a detailed field study, discussing our ideas with local people and industry representatives in the Municipality of Coron, we have made a proposition for the Watercolors Resort. We have worked with landscape and structures in order to create a self-sustaining environment, with a design that actively encourages to an environmental behaviour among guests and employees.

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