Anti-bullying interventions for Children with special needs : A 2003-2020 Systematic Literature Review

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Abstract: Children with special needs are often considered as a vulnerable group, who faces double risk  than general peer groups to be bullied. Bullying interventions are a useful method that can be used to help children enhance their self-esteem and coping skills. The aim of this systematic review is to explore anti-bullying interventions programs for children with special needs, and intervention outcomes. A search for scholarly articles has been carried out in four databases,739 articles were identified and six articles included in the analysis after applying inclusion and exclusion criteria. The anti-bullying interventions were beneficial for children with special needs to reduce risk of bullying , while the results were varied. This study combined  Bronfenbrenner's ecological model with various anti-bullying intervention designs to discuss the results. This study make up a lttle gap in the area of anti-bullying intervention for children with special needs, and provide an overview of  these program. Limitations of the study and further research will be discussed.

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