Semantic desktop focusing on harvesting domain specific information in planningaid documents

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Institutionen för datavetenskap

Abstract: Planning is indeed a highly regulated procedure at the operational level such as military related activities where the staff may benefit from documents such as guidelines that regulate the work process, responsibilities and results of such planning activities. This thesis proposes a method for analyzing office documents that make up an operational order according to document ontology. With the semantic desktops aiming at combining semantic annotations and intelligent reasoning in desktop computers, the product of this project intends to add a plug-in to such environments such as IRIS semantic desktop, which accordingly enables such application to interpret documents whether the they  or change within the application. The result of our work helps the end user to extract data using his/her favorite patterns such as goals, targets or even milestones that make up decisive points. This information eventually form semantic objects, which ultimately reside in the knowledgebase of the semantic desktop for further reasoning in the future referring of the application, whether automatically or upon the user's request.

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