Pictures as an aesthetical tool in English language teaching : An experimental study

University essay from Karlstads universitet/Institutionen för språk, litteratur och interkultur

Abstract: This explorative qualitative case study aims at finding out about the impact of pictures as an aesthetical tool in English language teaching, through an experiment in the English classroom. Aesthetical tools are here defined as tools through which one can reach a stronger experience and improve learning. The independent variable in the experiment was a picture assignment and the dependent variable was a Chinese high school class and their teacher in English. After having done the experiment, the research questions were answered through a student questionnaire and an interview with the teacher. The study is based on Dewey’s theory of an experience (Dewey 1934) which is about the benefits of aesthetical experiences, and six themes of aesthetical experience provided by Uhrmacher (2009) meant to make education into such an experience. A majority of the subjects responded positively to the experiment, and the assignment seemed to be able to implement Uhrmacher’s six themes, at least to a certain extent. The claims of earlier findings are also echoed in this study.

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