Guiding customers towards more sustainable choices by data driven insights

University essay from KTH/Skolan för industriell teknik och management (ITM)

Abstract: This project aimed to investigate various areas of improvement in crushing equipment for a digital service, from a sustainability perspective. The results were to be presented in a list where each point corresponds to an area with potential to be implemented in the digital assistance tool. In addition, the sustainability aspect of the items on the list would be presented through a rough estimate of the savings that could be made, either in the form of energy or as emissions. Delimitations were made, to only look at the stationary units, mainly the cone crusher, and to focus on CO2 emissions and energy consumption.  A benchmarking was made for companies in similar and in other industries. The method for the project was implemented qualitatively with an inductive approach. Interviews were conducted with a number of employees within the company, all with different areas of responsibility, with the aim of gaining an insight into the company and the entire industry as well as to get an overview of which areas a further investigation could be considered in. Then more interviews were conducted with the same people, to shape and refine these areas into items on the list. The list was prioritized based on whether and when in time an implementation in the digital assistance tool would be possible. The result was a list of 14 points where the first 3 are undeniably low-hanging fruits that could be implemented immediately, the 3 points are; Enhanced visualization of current data, Notice of maintenance, Guidance - Troubleshooting

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