Digital Marketing Influences on Consumer Fashion Product Purchase Decision Through Facebook.

University essay from Högskolan i Borås/Akademin för textil, teknik och ekonomi

Abstract: Consumer purchase decisions is a vital process for online fashion retailers to customers. The Corona pandemic has resulted in more people purchasing through the internet and increase online shopping in Bangladesh than ever before. A limited number of studies provide insight into how consumers are influenced to buy fashion products from online specifically through Facebook. In this regard, it is very important for retailers to present their product and services to consumers in an appropriate way for their digital platform. In Bangladesh, consumers are moving towards online and e-commerce fashion as a new trend now than ever before. Therefore, the author found it interesting to research digital marketing influences in consumers purchase decisions. Existing studies about consumer purchase decisions of fashion product has provided a limited understanding of the phenomenon in terms of Bangladesh. However, overall process of making purchase decisions is studied insufficiently. There is insufficient conceptually reasoned during taking decision to buy a fashion product from Facebook. Consumers are facing challenges due to lack of scholarly investigation, practical advice, practice, strategy for making the right purchase decision in Bangladesh, Additionally, it is difficult to make the right choice and make ideal purchase for them through online and e-commerce experiences. The findings of this study will contribute to the understanding and increase knowledge of consumer purchase decisions from online shopping and furthermore, it is also interesting to see how fashion brands use online platforms like Facebook to promote their fashion brands. In addition, this study will provide a brief introduction to the digital marketing, Facebook advertisement targeting specific consumers and marketers. In general, this study will provide guidelines for those who seek to understand, evaluate, and investigate the digital marketing and the factors that influences purchase decisions. At the same time, this study will deliver guidelines for fashion brand managers on Facebook advertisement process and give them a sense of direction on advertisement content selection and the areas that need more focus while using digital marketing on Facebook. To fulfill the purpose of this study, a qualitative method (inductive approach) was chosen to collect and analyze the relevant data. Data collection has been carried out through telephone interviews with five individual experts in fashion product sourcing, production, marketing, quality, logistics and merchandising in Bangladesh. To move with this research, the author will have to code and systemize the raw data and using the codes has made a theme that are relevant and connected with theoretical framework in this study. The findings were interpret using simple terms and general conclusions were drawn. Product quality, communication, review, recommendation, product aesthetics and price are the key influencer to take fashion product purchase decisions. Beside this, an organized Facebook page, Facebook live show, advertisement content also affects purchase decisions. Sometimes, brand value can influence in purchase fashion product. 

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