Innovation Measurement Software

University essay from Lunds universitet/CIRCLE

Abstract: Innovation is essential in our technological society. There exist a large number of innovative companies in the world, however, still there is a great scope for many others to join and take advantage of this treasure that have caused success for many organizations. There are a growing number of authors in the field of innovation, that have a mount of articles about innovation, innovation management and innovation management tools. When approaching more to the innovations assessment tools however, there is a lack of required tools for measuring innovativeness in organizations. This master thesis is based on an international data base from a survey of 221 companies in 2009. The analyzes is based on the survey which includes 95 questions, that are divided into four areas, dependent on company characteristics, innovation factors, internal and external factors. The main questions of this research is which industries/sectors are in general more innovative than others, and what are the factors influencing this? Which industries are more focused on product, process or service innovation? The relationship between companies size, revenue, profit with identifying external partners for collaborating and innovation is discussed as well. A number of innovation management tools are studied here, like learning and education to employ- ees, sharing best practises in organizations, having good metrics for evaluating the success in organization etc, with the question if these tools influence organizations and help them become a leader in innovation?

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