Reviving the science city of Kista - From void spaces to a dynamic urban life

University essay from Lunds universitet/Institutionen för arkitektur och byggd miljö

Abstract: Earth is a big place to live on and people always move around for work, study, better life or other reasons. On the other hand, innovation and technologies are making communication easier around the world and it seems that everything depends on technology and it becomes a huge part of our life. Moreover, innovation and its hubs also provide more than a high-tech that we use and need, but also generate job opportunities. However, our cities play a central role in innovation dynamics. We cannot consider any innovation hub successful if it does not take local conditions as well as resources into account. Public spaces and locals should be a part of any innovation hub. The fast growing in Stockholm along with high-tech companies that attract more people to live in and work, led to the need for more housing where social life and locals would be part of the innovation and this thesis explores the relationship between locals and high-tech firms, harnesses the innovation hub in Kista, Stockholm for the public realm, adds different activities to create an active hub around the clock and make it more liveable and safe. Only a better situation and vibrant can come out after applying the urban transformation that is needed. The social life and community that would be proposed in the innovation hub would generate a vibrant outdoor environment and foster the new generation ideas by creating a safe open realm.

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