Irrigation sector development in Punjab ( Pakistan) : Case Study of district Sargodha

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Tema vatten i natur och samhälle

Author: Ansar Hayat; [2007]

Keywords: Irrigation; Punjab; Pakistan;

Abstract: Pakistan is a densely populated country; and its population is increasing rapidly. More than fifty percent of population is living in rural areas and is related to agricultural sector. Punjab is the most populated province of Pakistan. Irrigation system of Punjab is not very developed. The present irrigation system is almost hundred year old. The management of existing irrigation system is a big challenge. With increase in population, load on existing irrigation system is also rising and situation is presenting serious problems. This report addresses main problems related to management of irrigation system in district Sargodha of Punjab province of Pakistan. The problem with management of existing irrigation system includes social as well as technical problems. This report also discusses loss in agricultural production due to mismanagement of irrigation system. Further, report also suggests possible solutions for the management of irrigation system. These solutions take into account reforms in social sector as well as introduction of new technology. For the assessment of report, past research related to management of irrigation system in Indus basin has been studied. This research also includes ideas of previous researchers about management of irrigation system and then we try to conclude possible solutions for better management of irrigation system in area.

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