The Design of a User Interface for the Mobile Virtual Reality Application

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för informationsteknologi

Author: Shuo Yang; [2017]

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Abstract: With the constant updating of mobile terminal hardware and the rapid developmentof mobile internet, people’s demand for mobile 3D graphics application is increasing. Therefore, for mobile terminal 3D remote rendering has become a research hotspot. In recent years, the research of remote rendering of mobile terminal can be dividedinto three aspects: rendering standardization, rendering engine design, and key technology research. Among them, the research of rendering engine design focus onrendering quality, efficiency and interactivity. Based on the existing DIBR rendering engine, this report designs and implements the interactive module for mobile terminal, in order to improves and expand the function of the engine. The module isto identify different types of interactive input instructions of mobile terminal users,then map it to interaction primitive sequence and transformed into coordinatechanges of viewpoint in 3D scene, the obtained information pass to other parts of the engine to complete the rendering.This report mainly completes the following work.Firstly, investigating and analyzing the needs of mobile terminal interaction, and combining with existing functions of engine, design the interaction module and dividedit into the primitive map sub module and user input submodule. Secondly, implement two submodules separately, including the definition of the interaction primitives andthe analysis of different input modes. Finally, integrate the interaction module into theDIBR engine, and the relevant running examples are given.

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