System and Method for Passive Radiative RFID Tag Positioning in Realtime for both Elevation and Azimuth Directions

University essay from KTH/Kommunikationssystem, CoS

Abstract: In this thesis, design and realization of a system which enables precise positioning of RFID tags in both azimuth and elevation angles is explained. The positioning is based on measuring the phase difference between four Yagi antennas placed in two arrays. One array is placed in the azimuth plane and the other array is perpendicular to the first array in the elevation plane. The phase difference of the signals received from the antennas in the azimuth array is used to find the position of RFID tag in the horizontal direction. For the position in the vertical direction, the phase difference of the signals received from the antennas in the elevation plane is used. After that the position of tag in horizontal and vertical directions is used to control the mouse cursor in the horizontal and vertical directions on the computer screen. In this way by attaching one RFID tag to a plastic rod, a wireless pen is implemented which enables drawing in the air by using a program like Paint in Windows. Simulated results show that the resolution of the tag positioning in the system is in the order of 3mm in a distance equal to 0.5 meter in front of the array with few number of averaging over the received phase data. Using the system in practice reveals that it is easily possible to write and draw with this RFID pen. In addition it is argued how the system is totally immune to any counterfeit attempt for faked drawings by randomly changing the transmitting antenna in the array. This will make the system a novel option for human identity verification.

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