Local Food, Entrepreneurship, and Community (Re)connection - A Comparative Study between Small Food Entrepreneurs in Copenhagen and San Francisco

University essay from Lunds universitet/Humanekologi

Abstract: Entrepreneurs are increasingly called upon to solve many of the social and environmental consequences induced by the conventional food system. However the means and visions driving entrepreneurial actions towards more sustainable food practices are various and influenced by various thought systems. This paper presents an empirical assessment of values driving small scale food entrepreneurs, operating in both Copenhagen and San Francisco, in their alternative business pursuits. It is also concerned with evaluating the barriers that external factors such as legal frameworks and public policy exert on small scale entrepreneurial practice. Small food entrepreneurs are driven by the vision of re-strengthening local community by seeking closer producer-consumer relations mediated by food. The thriving of these small scale initiatives may, however, be inhibited by external frames set up by governmental institutions. The forthcoming analysis and discussion seeks to interpret the food entrepreneurs’ values underlying their actions, as well as to identify and comprehend some of the issues that have been causing hindrance to their pursuits.

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