Branding in Public Transportation: Campfires and Beyond

University essay from Lunds universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Abstract: The purpose of this research is to study how organizations in public transportation are viewing branding. We aim for this thesis to acknowledge branding as a tool to create a strong brand. This thesis is of importance due to the influence public organizations within transportation hold for Sweden to reach their sustainability goals. By creating a strong brand public organizations could attract more consumers to use public transportation and ultimately decrease harmful gas emissions. We wish to bring forward potential challenges and advantages these organization are facing related to branding. To fulfil the purpose of this research four interviews were conducted with representatives from organizations in public transportation. Empirical material was gathered through the interviews concerning questions in the categories: marketing, branding, competition and consumers. When analyzing the empirical material, previous theories were taken into consideration to be able to explain the outcomes and increase validity of the findings. The findings have shown that organizations in public transportation are in a process of realizing the potential benefits branding can bring to their organization. However, several challenges are also posed. Not forgetting advantages and opportunities if these organizations are able to incorporate efficient branding practices. The need for internal structure and creation of a brand personality and identity is urged for these organizations. Lastly, we would like to make a theoretical contribution to the existing research gap of branding in public organizations.

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