The discrimination against transgender in the rental housing market in Sweden : An experimental study performed on the Internet

University essay from Linnéuniversitetet/Institutionen för nationalekonomi och statistik (NS)

Abstract: This paper investigated the discrimination against transgender people in the Swedish rental housing market, and is one of the first correspondence studies to examine this question at hand. A total of 800 applications were sent to various landlords advertising rental vacancies on In total, the cisgender applicants attained a call back rate of 60.7 %, while the transgender applicants attained a rate of 59.0 %. Furthermore, no unequal treatment was found in positive employer responses for being transgender, when compared to the cisgender group. In the case, where the cisgender and transgender groups were evaluated separately, a favoring of having a woman as a tenant over a man was prominent when comparing the testers within the cisgender  group.  A penalty of 12.6 % in positive landlord responses was found for the trans man, in terms of likelihood of getting an invitation to additional contact or to showing, when compared to the cis woman. Similarly, the trans woman had a 7.4 % lesser likelihood in getting an invitation to showing than the cis woman. With regards to these results, one can conclude that there exists both discrimination based on gender and gender identity in the rental housing market in Sweden. 

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