On the assessment of pollutant emissions: the role of flue gas flow rate measurement : Critical review and industrial feedback

University essay from KTH/Energiteknik

Author: Juliette Chatel; [2016]

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Abstract: From a bottom-up perspective, the assessment of flow rate of stack flue gases is crucial being the very first brick of the calculation. With the concentration of pollutant, it gives access to the amount of pollutant released in the atmosphere. Nevertheless, flow rate measurement has not been well-framed and can be poorly controlled, leading to large uncertainties. The recent launch of the European Standard EN 16 911 has enlighten the lack of expertise concerning the flow rate assessment in the industry. That is why RECORD, the project sponsor, conscious of the possible lack of expertise and the possible unreliability of the measurement is willing to understand the requirements; theoretical, technical and regulatory; for a reliable pollutant emissions measurement in accordance with the EU regulation in the field of waste treatment and incineration. Thus, this study offers the theoretical, operational and regulatory keys to realize a reliable flow rate measurement. 9 methods are identified for stack flue gases flow rate measurement. For each of these methods an ID-card, based on bibliographical researches, supplier’s interviews and representatives of the industry’s feedbacks, has been built containing information required for a reliable measurement. This thesis will contribute to a report that will offers all the keys for a reliable velocity/flow rate measurement in the waste treatment (domestic waste incineration mainly but it can also be useful in every industry that releases flue gas in the atmosphere: chemistry, steel manufacture, etc.). Moreover, this study proposes an analysis of the European Standard related to flow rate measurement in the industry and enlightens the key information related to these standards for an industrial operator. Finally, in relation with the complete report published on the RECORD website, a comparison tool of the 9 technologies is created to guide the industrial in their flow rate measurement. Once the best technology has been selected thanks to the comparison tool, the ID-card gives the key to realize a reliable measurement with the selected method. Finally, the theoretical part and the standard analysis have to be used as a frame for all the technologies.

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