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  1. 11. The safety manager as a boundary spanner between communities of practice : The employment of a safety manager in a Swedish construction company

    University essay from KTH/Fastigheter och byggande; KTH/Fastigheter och byggande

    Author : Martin Desmond; Henrik Hansson; [2017]
    Keywords : Safety management; safety manager; boundary spanning; communities of practice; human resource management;

    Abstract : Safety is an important concern within the construction industry.  Many different management strategies exist in the literature, but despite ambitious efforts to improve the safety and prevent accidents, the accident incidence is still unacceptably high. READ MORE

  2. 12. The Impact of Internet of Things unification with Project Management Disciplines in project-based organizations

    University essay from Umeå universitet/Företagsekonomi; Umeå universitet/Företagsekonomi

    Author : Pietro Percudani; Mohamad Batrawi; [2017]
    Keywords : project management; strategic project management; internet of things; IoT data; RFID; project manager; innovation; implementation; integration; merger; synergy; information sharing; collaboration; efficiency; effectiveness;

    Abstract : The greatest advantage of Information Technology (IT) is its ability in entitling personnel to achieve their goals. Allowing personnel to grasp knowledge and skills they weren’t aware of previously, rendering to a sense that it’s all about potential; as expressed by former CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer. READ MORE

  3. 13. The Project-based View of Entrepreneurship : Exploring the Project-based View and its Implications for Start- ups

    University essay from Umeå universitet/Företagsekonomi; Umeå universitet/Företagsekonomi

    Author : Diana Zharovskikh; Liv Langmaack; [2017]
    Keywords : Entrepreneurship; Project Management; Start-up; Project-based view;

    Abstract : This thesis explores the “project” in the entrepreneurial context, specifically the project- based view of start-ups. Start-ups are defined as entrepreneurial new ventures which have unstable business models, an open and simple organisational structure and which utilize innovative strategies for their development. READ MORE

  4. 14. Looking Beyond Constraints of Agile Project Success : A Case Study on Swedish Agile Project Success

    University essay from Umeå universitet/Företagsekonomi; Umeå universitet/Företagsekonomi

    Author : Malin Lindström; Matilda Näsman; [2016]
    Keywords : Agile Project Management; Agile Project Success Definition; Agile Project Success Criteria; Agile Triangle;

    Abstract : Today, organisations are increasingly using project-based activities, as projects can aid organisations to deal with unique and complicated assignments, as well as achieving strategic and operational goals. Two extensive project management methodologies exist, those being Traditional Project Management and Agile Project Management. READ MORE

  5. 15. Innovation Capability in Project-based Organisations : Development and Validation of a Holistic Innovation Capability Assessment Framework (HICAF)

    University essay from Mittuniversitetet/Avdelningen för informations- och kommunikationssystem; Mittuniversitetet/Avdelningen för informations- och kommunikationssystem

    Author : Jamshid Jahid; Jakob Melander; [2016]
    Keywords : Innovation; Innovation Assessment; Innovation Measurement; Innovation Enabler; Innovation Capability; Innovation Survey; Internal Consistency Reliability; Project-based Organisations.;

    Abstract : Innovation is one of the most important factors behind today´s global economic growth and prosperity. In the current economic climate, increasing global competition and rapidly changing environment, an organisations ability to innovate is regarded as a key factor for success. READ MORE