University essay from Högskolan i Halmstad/Akademin för ekonomi, teknik och naturvetenskap



In this thesis, we presented a frugal product and methodology for customizing prosthetic socket for developing countries where an overwhelming number of prostheses are necessary, and the availability, accessibility and cost of prosthetics are significant concerns to limb deficient persons that without the assistance of a prosthetic device may not be able to function. In order to design a frugal prosthetic socket, a design methodology is sought that will best achieve an appropriately designed, low-cost, with simple production method. Through the study of modern design methodologies, a strategy is proposed that emphasizes the intersection of the mechanical design process (contemporary design tools), biomechanics, and low-cost design. Key components of this methodology are previous research and frugal innovation in the design process. Along with a review of the state of the art, provide the groundwork for both the proposed new methodology as well as generating a new concept of prosthetic socket. The result of this study, using the generated concept and simple methodology, a frugal prosthetic socket (FPS) is developed to demonstrate the basic functionality of the concept and manufacturability of the proposed method. Finally, Frugal Prosthetic Socket is found as a solution for the problems since it can reduce one heavy complex process for optimizing customization of the prosthetic socket and reduce 70 % of the cost of the prosthetic socket by using local material (rawhide), local manufacturing technique and implementing frugal innovation concept.

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