Consumer Perception of Brand Image: Country of Origin and Country of Ownership in Electric Vehicle Brands

University essay from Lunds universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Abstract: Thesis purpose: To reveal how consumers perceive the brand image of electric vehicles (EV) in the aspects of COO and COOW. That is to expand the understanding of COO and COOW in consumer perceptions and to offer insights to the EV industry from the consumer’s perspective. Methodology: A digital research was conducted on digital sites to explore consumer perceptions. Six EV brands with different COO and COOW compositions were researched. This study adopted a qualitative research strategy with an abductive approach as it aims to extend understandings of COO and COOW and enhance the theoretical framework in consumer perception. Theoretical perspective: The study mainly based on theories in the field of brand image, country of origin, country of ownership, and consumer perception. Empirical data: The data is qualitative and observational, collected from online sites. Conclusion: Firstly, different mostly-valued perceptions are found among the domestic, mixblood, and foreign brand categories in rational and irrational consumers. Secondly, the perception of COO and COOW varies in the three brand categories and the different perceptions between COO and COOW can be distinguished mainly in mixblood brands. Thirdly, the interrelationship among cognitive, affective, and normative perceptions is observed and varies according to consumers rationality.

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