Redesign of Flash 400 : Focus on cost reduction

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Industriell teknik

Abstract: This thesis has been conducted with the Life Science company Biotage. The purpose of this project is to develop a new concept of the framework structure for the Flash 400 system. The Flash 400 is a kilogram scale separation system, used for critical absorption purification. The product consists of welded stainless-steel components and include the base, hoist, control panels and the radial compression module and accompanying components. The base structure and control panels were redesigned with focus on cost reduction without major changes to the quality, durability or size. The project started with a pre-study to better understand the product, the current product, possible joining techniques and standard products where examined. The pre-study resulted in a requirement specification that became the base for the concept generation. CAD-files were created for the three concepts that were further developed. Simulations were conducted to find areas for improvements and to ensure the strength of the structure. A cost study with American and Swedish suppliers were executed to determine the cost reduction. The concepts were then evaluated against the current product with criteria from the requirement specification. The project resulted in a viable proposal for the framework design with assembly and manufacturing drawings. The final concept is manufactured with extruded aluminium profiles and screw joints and the cost study indicated a considerable cost reductions can be done. Before the product is altered, tests and further developing is recommended. This thesis is a good foundation for project improvements in the future.

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