Conceptual Development of an Automated Corrugated Cardboard Box Filler

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Industriell teknik

Abstract: The project aimed at conceptually develop a solution that is able to automatically transfer an already stacked and measured heap of goods from an order tote into an erected corrugated cardboard box, whereas the dimensions of the corrugated cardboard box and the stack are allowed to vary within a specified interval. The method for this project consisted of five main parts: feasibility study; concept generation; concept choice; design; and evaluation. The project was initiated by a feasibility study where the problem was clarified and knowledge regarding the problem was gathered. The feasibility study resulted in an user requirement specification and a product requirement specification. The product requirement specification was utilized in the evaluation processof the final developed concept. The concept generation was conducted according to structured methods prescribed by Ulrich and Eppinger. The concept choice was done by the use of Pughs concept choice matrix. The result of this project consists of a conceptual proposal of how the previously described problem may be solved. The final developed concept resulted in a cad model. The evaluation showed that the concept did not fulfill the product requirement specification, despite this it is assessed that the concept in its working principle has good merits that are worth further investigation. Further development of the concept remain and validation of the working principle is needed. Further choices concerning form, material, and components remain. The report contributes to a foundation for further development of an automated filling mechanism for erected corrugated cardboard boxes.

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