Binaural Hearing-Human Ability of Sound Source Localization

University essay from Blekinge Tekniska Högskola/Sektionen för Teknik (TEK)

Abstract: Abstract The purpose of this project is to desig a systematical method in order to measure human directionality ability in horizontal plane with a single sound source. A completely virtual auditory model has been created in Matlab. The project consists of modeling binaural cues, designing digital filters, designing a test workbench, measuring listener's directionality and analyzing the data. The head related transfer function (HRTF) is computed by calculating the two most important binaural cues, interaural level difference (ILD) and interaural time difference (ITD). The platform is made in Matlab and all results have been shown by plots produced from Matlab code. The directionality test has been done with real human subjects and the results have been analyzed and presented.

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