A Good Name Is Better Than Riches - A Single Case Study of Essity

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Graduate School

Abstract: This qualitative single case study aims to examine the concept of brand awareness on socialmedia for a corporate brand. To achieve this, the research was conducted in collaborationwith the global hygiene and health company Essity, mainly targeting B2B customers. Essityis a newly established brand that is currently coping with increasing its brand awareness,which made it an appropriate objective for this study. The purpose of this thesis was therebyto expand the literature regarding how companies can create brand awareness through the useof social media platforms since previous research is scarce. This was done by identifyingdifferent influencing factors by reviewing separate studies on brand awareness and socialmedia. By combining former studies with the empirical findings of this study, derived fromin-depth interviews, nine influencing factors could be stated. These were; Brand Exposure,Personality, Entertainment, Customization, Trendiness, Interaction, EWOM, Employee andLeader presence, and Market Elements. Whereas Market Elements was found as a crucialfactor to consider for a global brand since it affects to what extent the other eight factorsinfluence brand awareness. Thus, it was further confirmed during the research process thatseveral internal challenges were apparent, which are suggested to be considered as afoundation to establish a brand awareness strategy, and then acknowledging the nine factorsdefined in this thesis. The theoretical contribution of this study was therefore to fill theresearch gap regarding brand awareness and social media, by establishing a possibleconnection between these two topics. Specific recommendations were also provided to thecase company and is thereby the practical contribution of this thesis.

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