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  1. 1. From dishwashers to Ferrari : How Loccioni successfully utilized their dominant logic and core competencies

    University essay from Uppsala universitet/Industriell teknik

    Author : Linus Nordberg; Nils Enbom; [2022]
    Keywords : Dominant logic; Core competencies; Radical industrial transformation;

    Abstract : The world is facing an unprecedented global environmental disaster. CO2 is currently the largest contributor to global warming and a large part of global emissions come from the automotive industry. READ MORE

  2. 2. Making Sense of Servitization

    University essay from Handelshögskolan i Stockholm/Institutionen för redovisning och finansiering

    Author : Arne Rubin; Jesper Wolters; [2022]
    Keywords : Servitization; strategic change; business models; sensemaking; narratives;

    Abstract : As many companies are making strategic shifts towards servitization business models, there has been increasing requests for research on accounting for servitization. Firms that are pursuing such a shift serve as a good starting point to study how accounting is affected. READ MORE

  3. 3. Evaluation of Refined Tribological Properties of Diamond Coated Cutting Tools Used in Machining of High-Strength Aluminum Alloys : Master thesis report regarding refined frictional & wear behavior of uncoated & CVD diamond coated WC-Co cemented carbide cutting tools used for machining of Al 7xxx alloys.

    University essay from Karlstads universitet/Fakulteten för hälsa, natur- och teknikvetenskap (from 2013)

    Author : Christian Hultman; [2022]
    Keywords : tribology; machining; metal cutting; turning; milling; friction; wear; material transfer; surface technology; tribologi; skärande bearbetning; svarvning; fräsning; friktion; förslitning; nötning; materialöverföring; ytteknologi;

    Abstract : High strength aluminum alloys have for a long time been a popular material utilized in the automotive and aerospace sector due to coveted mechanical properties in terms of weight, strength, fatigue, and corrosion. However, tribological mechanisms such as tribo-film formation and material transfer during the metal cutting manufacturing process of aluminum impose significant reduction of machining and tool-life performance. READ MORE

  4. 4. An approach of Bluetooth performance evaluation in an Android automotive setting

    University essay from Lunds universitet/Institutionen för elektro- och informationsteknik

    Author : Adam Barvesten; Ola Olde; [2022]
    Keywords : Android Automotive; Car; Bluetooth; Bluetooth Performance; Infotainment; In-car system; Android; Automotive; PBAP; MAP; A2DP; AVRCP; Phone Book; Connection times; Bluetooth Profiles; Technology and Engineering;

    Abstract : In recent years cars are becoming more and more connected and it has become commonplace to connect one’s phone to the car interface, allowing streaming of music, making calls and sending messages. The primary technology used for connection is Bluetooth, a short-ranged wireless communication technology that has been around since 1999 and improved and expanded upon ever since. READ MORE

  5. 5. Understanding The Business Value Of Customer Data From Connected Services - An exploratory case study of what business value an emerging automotive OEM can create from customer data generated by connected services

    University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Graduate School

    Author : Clara Segerstedt; Jessica Svedberg; [2021-07-09]
    Keywords : business value; value creation; customer data; connected services; vehicle connectivity;

    Abstract : The rapid development of connectivity accelerated by a myriad of emerging technologies contribute to an ever-growing volume of data in which companies have realized the need for, and value of, becoming data-driven. Data, and more specifically, customer data, is thus a promising area for transforming insights into actions which identifies new value creation opportunities to enhance business performance. READ MORE