Development of green space in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

University essay from SLU/Dept. of Urban and Rural Development

Abstract: In Dar es Salaam, as in many cities in developing countries, green areas are decreasing due to the fact that the growth of buildings, infrastructure and services has become a priority. As the population increases more buildings and infrastructure are needed and much of the building activity takes the form of uncontrolled settlements, which encroaches the public green space. Dar es Salaam has approximately three million inhabitants, of which about 70 percent are living in informal settlements. The aim with this study is to make a design proposal for a park and recreation area where the Msimbazi river basin in the centre of Dar es Salaam is today. The basin consist of a few playing fields, footpaths and some urban farming, but apart from this it mostly consists of unused grasslands, swamps and forests. Because it is an unsafe place and badly connected to the rest of the city infrastructure, it has become a barrier. The annual flood combined with the constant still shallow water creates a good breading ground for malaria mosquitoes. Another problem is that waste is being dumped there. The proposal focuses on turning the area into a safe and well used place that could contribute to the everyday lives of the people in Dar es Salaam. The proposal focuses on improving the park socially, environmentally and physically. Socially- Work possibilities within the park. To make the area feel safer several activities have been added, parts have been opened up and there is a military station. Environmentally- Creating recycling stations and keeping the area clean. The indigenous plant species will be saved. Physically- New paths will make the area seem less like a barrier. To stop the informal settlements from spreading a defined border has been created. The floods can be stopped or more controlled and the still water removed. Since there is no money to invest in the development of a new park, there is in the proposal a new residential area that will finance parts of the park.

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