Equipment changeover reduction of a production line

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Abstract: The growing competition for manufacturing companies is placing increased demand on fulfilling customer requirements with as high quality as possible as quick as possible. To meet the tougher competition, it is common that companies implement various tools and methods such as Lean Manufacturing, Continuous Improvement and Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED). Implementing these helps to reduce the risk of production failures while increasing efficiency thus increasing profit.  This thesis brings up the implementation of a tool within Lean Manufacturing called SMED to a production line with the aim to increase the machine availability through reduction of the equipment changeover.  The thesis is a qualitative case study where the authors use interviews, observation and time measurement to gather relevant data which are then analysed for the goal of this thesis which is to reduce the complete equipment changeover time of the production line in Ämnesverkstaden. All the relevant data which was collected resulted in an implementation of a SMED mind-set and an instruction manual with a complementary list of necessary changes.  The authors believe that this study can provide useful information and knowledge when introducing SMED as well as an approach the operators can use in the future to help reduce the equipment changeover.

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