Distance Laser Measurements

University essay from KTH/Mekatronik

Author: Emma Ehrlin; [2018]

Keywords: Mechatronic; Mechatronik;

Abstract: A LIDAR that measures distance to an object in motion must be directed with precision. This is something that can be done automatically. In this project, a construction where two LIDAR sensors are attached to each step motors is built. One LIDAR scans the environment in 2D and a second LIDAR is directed based on the information from the scanning sensor. In order to get rid of incorrect values and to find a central position on an object, different variants of moving average filters are used and tested. The result shows that a filter with fewer values included in the average analysis of the filter, resulting in a more stable result, especially when the object being tracked is located far away from the sensor. The results show that the concept can be used for tracking a moving object.

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