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  1. 1. Designing a Novel RPL Objective Function & Testing RPL Objective Functions Performance

    University essay from Linnéuniversitetet/Institutionen för datavetenskap och medieteknik (DM)

    Author : Khalil Mardini; Emad Abdulsamad; [2023]
    Keywords : Routing protocol for low-power and lossy networks RPL ; Wireless Sensor Networks WSN ; The Internet of Things IoT ; Objective Function OF ; Low-Power and Lossy Networks LLNs ; Expected Transmission Count ETX ; Min- imum Rank with Hysteresis Objective Function MRHOF ; Packet Delivery Ratio PDR ; Directed Acyclic Graph DODAG ;

    Abstract : The use of Internet of Things systems has increased to meet the need for smart systems in various fields, such as smart homes, intelligent industries, medical systems, agriculture, and the military. IoT networks are expanding daily to include hundreds and thousands of IoT devices, which transmit information through other linked devices to reach the network sink or gateway. READ MORE

  2. 2. Performance Evaluation of Different RPL Formation Strategies

    University essay from KTH/Skolan för elektroteknik och datavetenskap (EECS)

    Author : Ziyi Chang; [2023]
    Keywords : IPv6 Routing Protocol for Low-Power and Lossy Networks RPL ; Multiple Sinks; Packet Delivery Ratio PDR ; Internet of Things; IPv6 Routing Protocol for Low-Power and Lossy Networks RPL ; Multi-Sink; Packet Delivery Ratio PDR ; Sakernas Internet;

    Abstract : The size of the IoT network is expanding due to advancements in the IoT field, leading to increased interest in the multi-sink mechanism. The IPv6 Routing Protocol for Low-Power and Lossy Networks (RPL) is a representative IoT protocol that focuses on the Low-Power and Lossy Networks. READ MORE

  3. 3. Observability in Machine Learning based Intrusion Detection Systems for RPL-based IoT

    University essay from Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för informationsteknologi

    Author : Malin Strand; [2023]
    Keywords : ;

    Abstract : As IoT devices become more and more present in our daily lives, security in IoT networks has become a major concern. A promising approach for detecting attacks is the use of machine learning based Intrusion Detection Systems (IDSs). The attack studied in this thesis is the blackhole attack, an attack causing parts of the network to disconnect. READ MORE

  4. 4. Implementing and evaluating variations of the Blackhole attack on RPL

    University essay from Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för informationsteknologi

    Author : Adam Pettersson; [2022]
    Keywords : ;

    Abstract : The IPv6 Routing Protocol for Low-power and Lossy Networks (RPL) is the most used routing protocol for resource constrained Internet-of-Things (IoT) networks. With the massive increase in number of Internet-connected IoT devices and the fact that they are becoming more common in safety-critical environments such as in health-care and in the industry, security in these networks are of a big concern. READ MORE

  5. 5. Energy Efficient Communication Scheduling for IoT-based Waterbirds Monitoring: Decentralized Strategies

    University essay from Luleå tekniska universitet/Institutionen för system- och rymdteknik

    Author : Otabek Sobirov; [2022]
    Keywords : TSCH; 6TiSCH; RPL; scheduling; energy consumption; COOJA; autonomous scheduling; distributed scheduling; reinforcement learning; RL-based scheduling; Q-Learning;

    Abstract : Monitoring waterbirds have several benefits, including analyzing the number of endangered species, giving a reliable indication of public health, etc. Monitoring waterbirds in their habitat is a challenging task since the location is distant, and the collection of monitoring data requires large bandwidth. READ MORE